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Education and training resources that support approaches to ageing well and maximising independence.

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South Australian Mental Health Strategic Plan 2017-2022

This plan sets a 20-year vision for mental health and wellbeing in SA, focussing on state-wide strategic directions over the next five years. It is not only about mental illness, but aims to shift the focus to a whole-of-person, whole-of-life,.....view more

- Government of South Australia & South Australian Mental Health Commission (14/12/2017)

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The CADDY Project Evaluation Report & Key Messages

The CADDY Project – a Dementia Friendly Community initiative : supporting meaningful community participation for people living with memory loss The CADDY model was conceptualised by the local Dementia Action Group, a work group of the Positive Ageing Taskforce, following.....view more

- The Southern Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island Positive Ageing Taskforce (1/02/2019)

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Volunteering may be good for your mind and body


- Harvard Health Publishing (26/06/2013)

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Well for Life – A healthy approach to ageing

This booklet is for older people who want to follow a healthy approach to ageing in their everyday lives. In Australia the number of people over 65 is growing quickly. Many people lead full and productive lives well into their.....view more

- Victoria State Government (1/11/2015)

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Wellness and reablement in the Victorian home care sector: Statewide review of progress

Wellness and reablement is an approach that builds on people’s strengths and goals to promote independence and autonomy in home care. Evidence shows that this approach is effective in improving function, independence and quality of life for older people and.....view more

- Victoria State Government (1/08/2018)

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Wellness in Older Adults: A Concept Analysis

The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of wellness as it relates to older adults and geriatric nursing using Rodger’s evolutionary perspective (1989). The evolutionary method was chosen as its analytic philosophical base is grounded in dynamism.....view more

- Siobhan McMahon & Julie Fleury (1/03/2012)

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What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people: A guide for aged care staff working in community or residential care settings

Produced by Beyond Blue, this booklet covers a range of interventions that can be used to promote emotional wellbeing or to help people with anxiety or depression. It summarises the strength of evidence for each intervention and gives case studies.....view more

- Yvonne Wells, with Sunil Bhar, Glynda Kinsella, Catherine Kowalski, Monika Merkes, Allison Patchett & Barbara Salzmann, Karen Teshuva and John van Holsteyn (1/01/2014)

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Working towards evidence-based reablement approaches across aged care services

AAG held a workshop on the topic of reablement in November 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.  The aim was to stimulate thinking about what reablement and wellness mean in aged care, and whether there are different training.....view more

- Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) (1/06/2019)

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