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The CADDY Project Evaluation Report & Key Messages

The CADDY Project – a Dementia Friendly Community initiative : supporting meaningful community participation for people living with memory loss
The CADDY model was conceptualised by the local Dementia Action Group, a work group of the Positive Ageing Taskforce, following community consultation in the Southern Fleurieu region around the opportunities and challenges for people living with memory loss.

The principles of the CADDY model are based on a golfing analogy. Just as a pro-golfer is the expert of a game of golf, so too a person living with memory loss is the expert of their own life who has chosen activities to engage in which are meaningful to them and utilise their core strengths. A ‘caddy’ supports the golfer by carrying equipment and providing other assistance during the game to maximise positive outcomes for the golfer.

At times a person living with memory loss may need support with selecting the appropriate resources or other assistance to be able to maintain engagement with their chosen social and community activities – a volunteer ‘caddy’ can help provide this role.

Author & Year Published : The Southern Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island Positive Ageing Taskforce (1/02/2019)

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