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Multicultural Competency in Wellness

Wellness Wheel
The Mission of the National Wellness Institute (NWI) Multicultural Competency Committee is to support NWI with increasing inclusiveness by advancing multicultural competency within wellness best practices, and to assist with the development of knowledge, awareness, and skills to deliver equitable and culturally appropriate programs and services for wellness practitioners, organizations, underserved populations, and communities.

The Multicultural Wellness Wheel is designed to support wellness practitioners and related stakeholders in broadening their outlook as it relates to the concepts of wellness and well-being, and to support the recognition of the interlocking systems displayed within the wheel. This concept map addresses applied multicultural competency and the needs and goals of individuals, families, and workplaces. It also provides a guide for the development of well communities and civic infrastructures.

The Multicultural Wellness Wheel focuses on three pillars for optimal and lifelong well-being:

  • Personal and family wellness
  • Community Wellness
  • Worksite Wellness

Author & Year Published : National Wellness Institute (1/01/2020)

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