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About this resource

This website has been created by the network of South Australia Collaborative Projects. The aim is to support the aged care sector in delivering wellness and reablement outcomes specifically for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).

Wellness and reablement is a key focus of CHSP and a reportable requirement of service delivery.
The evidence shows that reablement can lead to improvements in people’s well-being and independence.

Through consultation with service providers in the 12 South Australian regions the Collaborative Project has collectively identified a need to increase the access to and availability of wellness and reablement resources to support implementation in the service sector. 

This online resource contains Australian and international information, research, interventions, best practice approaches and guidance to assist the service sector and the workforce supporting people who may benefit through a wellness and reablement approach.

What is Wellness and Reablement?  

"Wellness is an approach that involves assessment, planning and delivery of supports that build on the strengths, capacity and goals of individuals, and encourage actions that promote a level of independence in daily living tasks, as well as reducing risks to living safely at home.

Reablement involves time-limited interventions that are targeted towards a person’s specific goal or desired outcome to adapt to some functional loss, or regain confidence and capacity to resume activities.

Restorative care involves evidence-based interventions led by allied health workers that allow a person to make a functional gain or improvement after a setback, or in order to avoid a preventable injury."

Restorative care programs are one way of achieving reablement outcomes. In summary, wellness is a broader approach to supporting independence and autonomy, while reablement is a practice that sits within wellness.