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Wellness & Reablement in Practice: A training and learning guide

This guide has been developed for use by frontline staff delivering the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP).
Wellness and reablement is a key focus of CHSP and a reportable requirement of service delivery.
This guide:
1. Defines wellness and reablement as it is in the CHSP manual
2. Explores the concept of using a World Café style workshop as a training tool
3. Provides video scenarios depicting older people to aid discussion
4. Provides examples of questions to be asked in relation to these videos
5. Provides examples of answers to aid the discussion

The guide will assist staff through:
– Presenting inspirational, new and challenging information about wellness and reablement
– Encouraging and promoting a wellness and reablement growth mindset
– Identifying and providing opportunities to share wellness and reablement practices
– Utilising an innovative training approach to explore the principles of wellness and reablement

Author & Year Published : SA Collaborative Projects (10/08/2020)

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