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What works to promote emotional wellbeing in older people: A guide for aged care staff working in community or residential care settings

Produced by Beyond Blue, this booklet covers a range of interventions that can be used to promote emotional wellbeing or to help people with anxiety or depression. It summarises the strength of evidence for each intervention and gives case studies to show how the interventions have been used with older people.

The booklet is divided into 11 sections: Physical activity; Relaxation; Sensory stimulation; Music and arts; Social activities; Reflection; Education and skills training; Interventions that rely on technology; Quality of life approaches; Interventions for carers; Interventions delivered by mental health professionals. With a total of 46 interventions/activities.

Author & Year Published : Yvonne Wells, with Sunil Bhar, Glynda Kinsella, Catherine Kowalski, Monika Merkes, Allison Patchett & Barbara Salzmann, Karen Teshuva and John van Holsteyn (1/01/2014)

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