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ACSA Wellness & Reablement Self-Assessment Roadmap

The Wellness and Reablement Roadmap has been developed by ACSA to help CHSP providers to self-assess progress in integrating wellness and reablement principles into core service delivery.

It provides a framework for discussions at all levels within an organisation to help providers identify what they are doing well and what actions need to be taken to improve performance in progressing, managing and measuring wellness and reablement.

ItÂ’s a self-assessment tool and while you use documented evidence to support your ratings, there will still be elements of subjectivity in the measurement of your progress in embedding Wellness and Reablement principles into core service delivery.

This is not a tool for one person in the organisation to use in isolation. It is designed to encourage discussion between people, teams, work groups, sites etc so that you get a sense for how your organisation is performing.

Author & Year Published : Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA) (21/01/2020)

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