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Better Days – A randomized controlled trial of an internet-based positive psychology intervention

The internet seems promising for delivering interventions to enhance well-being in a normal population. The aim of this study was to test the effects of an internet-based positive psychology intervention targeting gratitude, pleasant activities, strengths, mastery, acts of kindness, optimism, flow, attributions, and mindfulness.

One-hundred and twelve participants were randomized to the intervention and 94 to the control group, and data were collected at baseline, one, two, and six months after intervention onset.

The balance of positive to negative affect increased over time among participants in the intervention group (unstandardized beta coefficient [B] = 0.07, p < 0.01), as compared to the controls (B = 0.02, p = 010). The intervention worked equally well regardless of participants’ gender, age, or education. However, optimism did not mediate the effect of the intervention on affect balance. In conclusion, the intervention had a small, but significant effect on affect balance among healthy adults.

Author & Year Published : Filip Drozd, Lia Mork, Bettina Nielsen, Sabine Raeder & Cato Alexander Bjørkli (1/04/2014)

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