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Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Manual

This 2022-2023 manual provides an overview of the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), including the service types it funds and requirements for delivering those services. It is for CHSP-funded service providers to use, and forms part of their CHSP grant agreement.

The Department has designed this manual for use by CHSP service providers. The manual forms part of the CHSP Grant Agreement and outlines the operation of the program.
Part A – The program provides an overview of the CHSP, including funded service types and their requirements.
Part B – Administration of the CHSP outlines the responsibilities of the service provider and the Department, including funding and reporting requirements.
The CHSP program manual 2022-23 replaces the previous versions of this manual. The Department will review the ongoing operations of the CHSP. The Department may update this manual in the future.
The manual includes a range of scenarios showing how the CHSP may be delivered and how it interacts with other programs.

Author & Year Published : Department of Health and Aged Care (April 2023)

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