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Forgotten Australians/Care Leavers Top 10 Questions when looking for residential aged care

A group known as Forgotten Australians has been identified as having many challenges as they face the possibility of aged care.

Forgotten Australians represent the 500,000 children that were placed into institutional and out-of-home care in Australia in the last century. Of this group, 7,000 were former child migrants, 50,000 were indigenous children from the Stolen Generations and over 440,000 were non-indigenous children.

This guide will help Forgotten Australians / Care Leavers to ask the questions that are important to them when they are seeking information about residential aged care. It may be useful for:

  • Comparing services between residential aged care homes
  • Reviewing current residential aged care home
  • Ensuring that their needs are going to be met

Author & Year Published : Meg Schwarz, Project Officer - Real Care the Second Time Around, Helping Hand Aged Care (01/05/2021)

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